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Famous Spies | Can you Spot them? Quiz

We all know spies like James Bond and Maxwell Smart, but do you know these real life spy legends? Well let’s test your skills and see if you know these real life spies! 

  • Melita Norwood worked for the Soviet Union/Russians as a spy for 37 years. What job did she have in which she passed critical information to the communist country?

    • Assistant to the Director of Britain’s Atomic Research Centre
    • No
    • An MP of the Common House
    • Sales Rep for Mitsubishi Heavy Industries
  • Ursula Kuczynski was a Communist spy that worked for how many years?

    • 27
    • 38
    • 67
    • 20
  • Before becoming a German spy this legend took Theodore Roosevelt on a personal hunting trip in Africa.

    • David LLoyd George
    • Keizer Wilhelm
    • Fritz Joubert Duquense
    • Franz Josef Habsberg
  • Oleg Gordievsky was a spy for what country as he worked his was up the ranks of the KGB?

    • United States
    • South Africa
    • China
    • United Kingdom
  • This female spy worked for the New York Post as a correspondent in France in the second world war, and made it on the Gestapo’s “Most Wanted”list.

    • Diane Dixon
    • Virginia Hall
    • Patrick Oatken
    • Dorothy Smith
  • The Real Life Basis for James Bond

    • Sidney Reily
    • Harold Philiby
    • Morgan Dixon
    • Oleg Gordievsky
  • This famous scientist worked for the Germans across multiple countries’ nuclear weapons programs.

    • Robert Oppenheimer
    • Leo Silzard
    • Klaus Fuchs
    • Ernest Lawrence
  • This highclassed prostitute spied for the Germans in France.

    • Marguerite Lavigne
    • Mati Hari
    • Yvonne Moulin
    • Anne Dupont
  • This failed spy was the how the US determined how the Soviets made a nuclear bomb so fast.

    • Arnold Usinger
    • John Lapia
    • Fredrick Smith
    • Harry Smith
  • Cecile Pearl, a French spy in WWI was responsible for leading a battle in which her fighters killed ____ troops and surrendered ____ more.

    • Yes
    • No
    • 900 & 1,800
    • 1,000 & 18,000


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