Wilson Combat X9 (7/20)

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Of all the handguns listed here, the EDC X9 is the most modern, rolled out in 2017. It is the product of decades of research into what would make the most effective fighting pistols and we continue to the middle of the 21st Century.


            The EDC X9, chambered in 9 mm, is touted as inheriting the best-of-breed features of previous successful models that have been fielded in combat and self defense. The three key features that a handgun owner is looking for are fit/feel, operation and capacity.  Handguns are designed with these features in mind and tradeoffs have to be made. Wilson’s new offering excels by offering the mechanical operation of the 1911,  a super-comfortable grip and the high capacity of a Glock. Surely this handgun is the “Best of Breeds.”


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Written by Nicholas