Walther P38 (1/20)

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The Walther P38 was selected in the late 1930s to replace the Luger P08 as the standard issue sidearm of the German Army. It was an immensely successful pistol, serving on the battlefields of World War II and in the hands many German soldiers during the Cold War as well. In fact, the P38 served as the main sidearm of the German Army up until 2004, when it was finally replaced by the HK USP in 9mm and .45 ACP (the 9mm USP was issued to German infantry and the .45 to German special forces). The P38 utilizes an internal locking lug system that is virtually identical to that of the Beretta 92. The slide mounted safety and decocker safety replicates that on the PPK.


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Written by Nicholas