W1200 (Shotgun) (3/14)

The W1200 is a pump action shotgun that with devastating damage, and a great choice for maps with tight corridors. You can often kill an enemy with a single shot, making this one of the most lethal weapons for accurate players.

It’s great fun to turn a corner and flatten a foe with one pull of the trigger, and equipping the steady aim perk makes that a breeze. This is a gun for people who like to get up close and personal. If you’re going to run with any shotgun, make it this one.


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Written by Sgt. Gunner

Sarge is one olde salty Goat. He is the operator of the popular 1:3 scale miniature gun models. His aim is to miniaturize the 'Greatest of All Time' Guns for users to display on their desks. Get to know the Sarge on a more intimate level by purchasing a miniature gun model at GoatGuns.com