Vortex Optics Strike Eagle (3/12)

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The Vortex Optics Strike Eagle is a higher end scope from Vortex that is sold at a larger price point than their Crossfire II and Diamondback line up. These scopes are sold with magnification ranges from 4x to 24x, and with a 50mm objective lens. These scopes also come with a second focal plane reticle to make it easy to engage targets at both short ranges and long ranges. The reticle is also etched in glass and will stay clean regardless of the zoom level that you are in. 

The lenses to the Strike Eagle come multi coated. The turrets are fully adjustable on the side, and the adjustment rotation indicators make it easy for you to ensure that each adjustment you make is 100% accurate. As with all Vortex scopes, the Strike Eagle is fogproof and waterproof.

There is also a special illumination control on the Strike Eagle that makes it easy for one to brighten the scope’s reticle between eleven different illumination settings. The adjustment turret is also very easy to use and clicks audibly. 


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Written by Nicholas