Titanfall 2 (2016) (4/16)

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The first Titanfall was built on a great concept; players compete in fierce FPS fights with the ability to call in giant mechs into battlefield. However, the lack of a campaign mode made it hard for players to identify with the atmosphere and characters, and the online multiplayer lacked compelling progression. That all changed with the release of Titanfall 2, which took all the great ideas from the first game and polished them to perfection.

Titanfall 2 revitalized the FPS genre in the late 2010s, when campaign modes were often forgotten and pushed aside. The ability to wall-run and quickly clamber over obstacles add an undeniable sense of speed to thegameplay, making it a fast-paced and unforgettable experience. The sequel also added a great deal of multiplayer modes and features, giving players a reason to stick around for dozens and dozens of hours.


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