TimeSplitters 3: Future Perfect (2005) (8/16)

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The TimeSplitters series rose from the ashes of Nintendo 64 classics like Perfect Dark and Goldeneye007. Made by the some of the same creators as these classic games, the TimeSplitters franchise retained the same style of gunplay while introducing some humor into the story. TimeSplitters 3 amped up the levels of ridiculousness by fully embracing its wacky time-travel premise and providing an incredible amount of playable content.

TimeSplitters 3: Future Perfect was the culmination of all of the series’ great ideas. It had an awesome campaign with excellent levels, a huge amount of multiplayer and battle-style modes, and a comprehensive map creation tool to make custom levels with. When you weren’t blasting through the various “arcade challenges” or completing the campaign on a harder difficulty, you could even download other people’s single-player or multiplayer levels to try. Simply put, TimeSplitters 3: Future Perfect was an absolute FPS gem.


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