Thompson M1A1 (2/12)

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The signature of submarine guns is the original “Tommy Gun.” It is desired among many not only for the historical significance, but also the proven power. Designed in 1917 to answer the call of trench warfare, it missed its opportunity to see combat initially. However, it was adopted as supreme firepower for organized crime and was revisited in WWII with more than 1.7 million produced for the war effort. The M1A1 has seen action nearly every war worldwide to some degree and is still in use today – with some modifications. It fires up to 1,500 rounds per minute with a muzzle velocity of 935 feet per second and an effective range of 150 meters. The standard ammunition is .45 or 10MM Auto with up to 100-round drums, and some variants were developed for larger rounds. 


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Written by Nicholas