The Entire Movie of Tropic Thunder (1/12)

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The entire 2008 film Tropic Thunder is a satire of war movies (and also makes fun of Hollywood as a whole). The film stars Ben Stiller, Robert Downey Jr., and Jack Black as a trio of famous actors who are filming a movie about a (fictional) Vietnam War hero and his exploits in the war. It’s basically a movie filmed within a movie.

The movie opens with an over-the-top battle scene in the jungles of Vietnam (although it was technically filmed in Hawaii) that spoofs the famous battle scene in the 1986 film Platoon where Willem Dafoe throws his arms up in the air after being shot. 

The scene is then revealed to be fake as its merely a war scene being filmed (complete with a full film screw) when Ben Stiller’s character is unable to cry during an emotional moment. Afterwards, the film’s demolition experts mishears the young and inexperienced director and sets off a massive explosion when the cameras aren’t rolling, sending the production into chaos and delaying filming by weeks. 

With the production of Tropic Thunder stonewalled and the director being berated by the film’s producer (played by an unrecognizable Tom Cruise), it is then decided to throw the actors into the actual jungles of Vietnam in the middle of a real war zone in order to get real footage, and the actors are forced to really become the soldiers they are portraying. As you can imagine, hilarity ensues.  


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Written by Nicholas