Taurus Judge .410 Bore/.45 LC (3/16)

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Another solid home defense gun that will be a great addition to your arsenal is the Taurus Judge in .410 Bore and .45 Long Colt. The Judge has a plush, ergonomic grip and a 5-shot cylinder. The .410 home defense buckshot rounds will be excellent for self defense so long as you are within close ranges of around seven yards or less. You can deliver three 9mm-sized pellets at point blank range into a home invader.

Alternatively, you can use the .45 Long Colt, which will penetrate farther than the .410 will. Go with self-defense .45 LC loads, and the rounds will smash through flesh and bone alike.

As a handgun, the Judge is even more nimble and easy to maneuver than the Shockwave is. It’s also a great gun to keep in your vehicle, such as a handgun safe either in the center console or underneath the car seat. The Judge is often used as an anti-carjacking gun and excels in this role.


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Written by Nicholas