Sniper Rifle (3/20)

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The Sniper Rifle is easily one of Halo’s most iconic weapons, propelled by hyped-up multiplayer headshots and deadly stopping power. It’s a marksman’s best friend, capable of killing most enemies with one headshot (although smaller foes can be crumpled with just a body shot). It might seem simple enough, but becoming proficient with the Sniper Rifle requires a lot of precision.

The Sniper Rifle is often the unsung hero of many multiplayer matches, where patient snipers can quietly gain points on the scoreboard by sitting on the sidelines. You won’t want to camp too much with it though, as the Sniper Rifle carries a significant reload time. Whether you’ve just bagged another no-scope or taken down a Hunter from long distance, the Sniper Rifle rewards those with proper aim.


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