SIG Sauer P210 (4/22)

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The SIG Sauer P210 was the pistol that started it all. Released in 1948, it was the first major success for SIG Sauer. The P210 is a single action only hammer fired pistol with a single stack magazine that holds 8 rounds of 9mm Luger. The P210 was adopted by numerous European police and military units, and continued to see service until fairly recently. SIG released the P220 in 1975, which largely served as the P210’s successor. The Danish police, for instance, continued to use the P210 up until the 2010s, when it was finally replaced by the SIG Sauer P320.

The P210 ceased production temporarily in 2006, before being revived in 2017 as the P210A, which is essentially the same gun sold as a classic by SIG in limited numbers. 


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Written by Nicholas