Savage Model 99 (4/20)

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This hammerless, lever action rifle was manufactured for over 100 years (with the last new ones being shipped in 2003), and became one of the most popular big game hunting rifles in the world as well as seeing service during WWI. One key feature of this rifle is that it sported a rotary magazine vs the traditional tube magazine with allowed it to load spitzer bullets (more aerodynamic) instead of round-noses.


Many of the collectors can find this rifle at an affordable price in the “used gun” rack. The rifle was chambered in everything from, .22-250 Winchester to .38-55 Winchester and everything in between,  so you made have a tough time looking for the chambering of your choice.  One good fit would be the 99 chambered in .250 Savage. The combo pushes an 87 grain bullet at over 3,000 fps. This lethal combination of lever action and a high performance round was popular with big game hunters around the world. Eventually, the more accurate, modern bolt-action rifles took the place of the lever action 99. Its a gun of a past time but you can keep it alive in your safe, on the range and in the field .


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Written by Nicholas