Savage Model 110 (9/18)

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Developed in 1959 as a hunter’s mainstay, the Savage Model 110 has entered the cannon of iconic hunting firearms. Even with the later start off the production line, it has been in production longer than the Remington Model 70 and continues to be a steady competitor. Barrel lengths range from 20-26” and the 110 has become the design basis for subsequent Savage models. While it started out as an affordable option for hunters, it has evolved into a sought-after piece for both outdoorsmen and law enforcement. The barrel and design elements have been adapted over time to meet the needs of hunters while incorporating camouflaged synthetic stocks, and a broad spectrum of calibers for various forms of hunting. In many cases, Savage 110 components have evolved to meet low-cost demands while maintaining the long-established expectation of quality.


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Written by Nicholas