Savage A17 (10/20)

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The A17 chambers the amazingly fast and flat-shooting Hornady .17 HMR (Hornady Magnum Rimfire). An interesting round that is less than 20 years old that was developed to provide a rimfire magnum round that could easily reach out to 200 yards and ethically devastate rodents like ground squirrels and prairie dogs. 


You can purchase this gun new for under $500, and with a good scope and bipod, you’ll be ready in a jiffy to start plinking or taking out farmer Johnsons’s prairie dog problem. The rounds used to be pretty expensive due to the niche market for .17 HMR but the price has dropped down to around .25 cents per round, still more than the .22 LR but the Hummer well outperforms the cheaper round.


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Written by Nicholas