Rocket Launcher (Halo series) (2/14)

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While there might be other weapons on this list that are a bit more exotic or interesting in design, few guns can match the efficacy of the Rocket Launcher in the Halo series. Regardless of what Halo game you’re playing or what enemy you’re trying to kill, the Rocket Launcher can usually get the job done in seconds. An absolute terror in multiplayer and a savior in difficult campaign missions, the Rocket Launcher is a god-send for when explosions are needed.

One of the best aspects of the Rocket Launcher is its immense splash damage, which easily takes out groups of alien forces in one fell swoop. It’s also your best bet for dealing with enemy vehicles, especially after it received the lock-on upgrade in later Halo titles. Generally speaking, if you fire this weapon anywhere near your enemy, it’s an instant BBQ.


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