Remington 7600 (7/20)

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Pump action rifle? They make those? Yes, even though Americans prefer to field a traditional lever action or bolt action, the pump action centerfire is revered by many as a reliable and accurate way to launch a bullet. Still manufactured today, the Model 7600 is one the most popular pump-action, centerfire rifles out there. This versatile rifle comes chambered in .223 Winchester and accepts AR-15/M-16 magazines – just what police departments around the country love to order.


This pump action rifle is just going to be more reliable than other semi-automatic rifles. Chambering a bullet is done by your action, not springs, recoil or blowback from the round you’re firing. The 7600 comes chambered in hunting rounds from .243 all the way up to .30-06, making it pretty versatile in the field whether you’re hunting Whitetail or Elk.


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Written by Nicholas