Overwatch (2016) (4/14)

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Whereas other games like Rainbow Six and Counter-Strike deliver team-based gameplay with realistic graphics and characters, Overwatch embraces a wacky attitude to great results. In this online shooter, the character you choose is paramount to all other choices, as each of the 30+ characters have unique skills, weapons, and play-styles. While you might be able to skate away with a win based purely on your shooting skills, mastering Overwatch will require you to learn the game inside and out.

Like other objective-based multiplayer games, most modes in Overwatch involve you and your team either defending or attacking various spots on the map. This is where each character’s special skills come into play, as some are suited for combat roles better than others. Chunky characters like Reindhart and Roadhog are great for absorbing damage, while assassins like Widowmaker and Hanzo are best for racking up kills. There’s even a good selection of support characters, for those players who like to stick to the back of the pack and provide buffs for their teammates.


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