Overwatch (2016) (8/16)

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Although the developers at Blizzard Entertainment might be more well-known for games like Starcraft and World of Warcraft, they made a big splash in the multiplayer FPS world in 2016 with Overwatch. This game popularized the sub-genre of “hero shooter”, where players could choose from a cast of original characters with unique weapons and abilities. The hero-shooter feature would later be used in other major FPS franchises like Call of Duty.

One of the best parts of Overwatch is the way it encourages teammates to work together, offering different character classes with synergy. Some characters are better at supporting the team with healing and buffs while others are best for taking damage or dealing damage. Most game modes are objective-based, where kills are important but not the priority. Since its release, Overwatch has quickly caught on in both the casual gaming and eSports scenes, making it one of the most popular FPS games of the last decade. 


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