Operation Frankton (3/16)

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Operation Frankton was considered by many to be among the most daring raids of World War II. 

It took place in December of 1942. Ten British Special Forces soldiers were sent to a French port with the objective of destroying German defenses and causing mayhem. The ten soldiers literally paddles canoes into the port of Bordeaux in France with the objective of blowing up ships that were sending Germany resources from Asia. 

Five canoes with two men each were launched by a British submarine off the French coast, hundreds of miles away from where the commandos had to strike. Nonetheless, the commandos paddled the whole way. This took them multiple days and they had to hide and camp out along the French shoreline along the way. 

Two boats capsized and another one vanished, but the remaining two managed to make their objective. The four remaining commandos then used explosives to blow up six ships. 

Of those four commandos, two were captured and executed by the Germans, but the other two were found by the French Resistance and smuggled into Spain. The operation was used to boost Allied morale, as at the time the Allies were losing the war. It also forced the Germans to dedicate more resources to protecting their ships. 


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Written by Nicholas