Operation Chastise (7/16)

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One reason the Allies were able to win World War II was because of air superiority, which enabled them to bomb German factories and production sites throughout the war. As a result, numerous German tanks, weapons, aircraft, and other pieces of equipment that were being built under total war production capacity were lost even before they could be deployed to the frontline. 

But the Allies didn’t just target the factories with their bombings. The Ruhr River dams of Germany were well known to the Allies for their strategic value, as well as for the presence of hydroelectric plants. 

The Allies developed Operation Chastise. This was where a drum-shaped bomb was built that would be released with a special backspin, enabling it to skip over the river, strike the dam, and then sink and exploded.

Allied bombers successfully reaches the dams and the operation was successful. Massive flooding was caused all over the Ruhr valley, and two hydroelectric plants were left completely disabled. That being said, Allied aerial losses in the operation were heavy, so debates have been waged for years over whether the operation was necessary. However, it was undeniable moral victory for the Allies. 


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Written by Nicholas