Operation Argument (4/12)

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Big Week, also know as Operation Argument, was a series of raids led by the United States Army and the Royal Air Force Bomber Command of Great Britain. This massive bombing campaign was carried out against Nazi Germany between February 20-25, 1944. The mission of Big Week was to destroy the German’s aircraft industry and ultimately weaken them, allowing the Allies to regain air superiority. A successful ground invasion of Europe relied on the destruction of Germany’s aircraft. 

The Nazis lost 262 fighter planes and 350 aircrew were killed. The Royal Air Force lost 131 aircraft. The United States lost 254 aircraft. Over 2,000 Allied airmen were killed or captured. Despite the heavy Allied losses, the campaign was considered a success. Big Week was a huge moral boost for the Allied forces who then began preparation for the invasion of Normandy France. 


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Written by Nicholas