North American Mini Arms Revolver (3/20)

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Not many tough guys will be calling their buddies over to take a look at their new “mini” gun. With that being said, one of the most overlooked and underrated guns out there is the .22 revolver. North America Arms has been offering the Mini Revolver in .22 short,  .22 long and .22 Magnum since 1971. These diminutive guns weigh in at less than 4 oz but can still pack a wallop. 


            If you asked one group in the personal defense area what gun they would most likely carry, they would probably tell you the only gun they would have in their arsenal is the .22. The round and guns that chamber it are affordable, easy to shoot and are in abundance. Regardless of the caliber of the weapon you need to know how to shoot it – accurately. Many fights, fists or guns, end pretty quickly after the first shot is fired. Many assilants will turn tail and run even if hit with only the peppy .22 LR. Having a .22 in your hand in a fight is better than having to firearm at all. 


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Written by Nicholas