Model 1887 Shotgun Akimbo (Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2) (1/16)

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If you get blasted by a shotgun in a multiplayer FPS match, it can often feel frustrating. When it comes to competitive Call of Duty, nothing was more infuriating that being on the receiving end of this high-tier shotgun. You could only unlock the Model 1887 by spending significant time playing the game, so it’s a weapon that was out of reach for most players.

In order to truly unlock the power of the Model 1887, players would often utilize the Akimbo perk, allowing them to dual-wield the weapons. The significant range and increased damage output was considered so powerful that the weapons were eventually changed in an update patch. Although using the Model 1887 with the Akimbo perk was widely regarded as cheap and annoying, its destructive capabilities were too good to pass up.


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