Mauser 98 (1/18)

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The signature Mauser bolt action is the foundation for numerous dependable rifle designs. It had its start with a short-barreled rifle intended for use on horseback and cavalry units. But it soon traveled the world, being adopted by militaries in Spain, Germany, China, Persia, Chile, and Sweden, just to name a few. Each culture made only slight modifications to improve the rifle over time and many found it to be far-and-away one of most reliable actions on the market. The full-length wood stock is also easy to identify this rifle from any other. During the course of its service use in WWI and WWII, the 18” barrel was lengthened to improve field accuracy, and some versions were adapted for use as sniper rifles. Off the battlefield, the Mauser went on to become a preferred hunting rifle putting the 6.5X55MM bullet to the test both on the battle field and on the range. Short barreled versions are highly sought after and the proven bolt action has been adapted to fit newer modern bolt rifles by other manufacturers.


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Written by Nicholas