M1941 Johnson Semi-Automatic Rifle (2/20)

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The M1 Garand became the mainstay of US infantry during WWII. The M1941 was similar in size and weight to the Garand, but mechanically it was a totally different creature. It’s innovative design used a reciprocating barrel and rotary magazine that held 10 .30-06 rounds. Despite displaying some significant advantages over the M-1, such as a higher capacity magazine and the ability to be loaded by 5 round clips or by hand, the M1941 did not make it out to the battlefield in significant numbers. 


The M1941 is a tough gun to come by on the surplus market. Only 22,000 were made and collectors and with bid’s well over $4,000, it may be a little tough to justify putting one in your collection. To put in perspective you can probably buy a M-1 Garand off the “used gun” shelf for about $1,000.


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Written by Nicholas