M1 Garand (2/14)

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“The greatest battle implement ever devised,” said General George S. Patton in regards to the .30-06 caliber M1 Garand. This rifle was the standard issue infantry rifle of World War II for the United States military, and provided the American soldier with a definitive advantage over their German, Italian, and Japanese counterparts due to its semi-automatic firing capabilities and eight round magazines (Axis troops were almost universally armed with five round bolt action rifles). The M1 Garand also proved to be a highly popular rifle after the war, remaining in service until the late 1950s when it was replaced by a modified version called the M14/M1A. Even then, it remains a popular rifle as a collector’s and historical piece. Unfortunately, no manufacturers make the M1 Garand today (because it would be expensive to produce) so for the time being you’ll have to settle for a military surplus rifle. 


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Written by Nicholas