Lightning Gun (Quake series) (7/14)

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Like DOOM, Quake is a classic franchise with tons of awesome guns. From automatic nail-guns to grenade launchers, Quake has tons of weapons that deliver epic moments of bloody violence. The Lightning Gun first popped up in Quake 3, where it was quickly utilized by players with precision and skill. If you want to make a mark in multiplayer Quake, becoming proficient with the Lightning Gun is a must.

Unlike other guns on this list, the Lightning Gun is all about accuracy over brute-force. It doesn’t have a great range, nor does it have a huge ammo supply, but the Lightning Gun can easily toast a foe if used properly. It’s a gun that is 100% accurate, meaning that any missed shots are purely the fault of the player. It might take a bit of practice, but getting good with the Lightning Gun is a sure-fire way to edge out the opposition.


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