Lee Enfield (4/18)

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The Lee-Enfield, specifically the short, magazine version, (SMLE) is known worldwide. It evolved over the course of WWI as variations of powder and mechanical advantages answered the call of duty. It was used in service for more than 20 years. Lighter and shorter than other field rifles, this model served two World Wars as a preferred weapon of choice.  Despite the shorter barrel at 25.2,” this hulk weighed in at 8.7 lbs. unloaded and had a few bolt location quirks. Still, it’s arguable that the dependability, accuracy, and field-tested durability of this firearm was a testament of true grit and embodiment of the Allied forces who carried it into battle. The 10-round magazine allowed rapid, consistent fire for the era and allowed for 20-30 rounds per minute. Canadian rangers still actively use the SMLE today. More than 17 million have been produced to date. 


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Written by Nicholas