HK P30 (3/19)

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The HK P30 was designed in 2006 as the successor to the HK P2000. It features greatly improved ergonomics over the P2000, but also keeps some of the same features, including a decock lever on the rear of the slide. There is a version of the P30 with a thumb safety, as well as a version without it. 

The P30 comes standard with a 15 round magazine for the 9mm version, while the .40 S&W version holds 13 rounds. The P30L features a longer slide and barrel, and was the original version of the pistol, although the standard P30 with a shorter barrel and slide is far more common. The P30SK is the subcompact version and holds 10 rounds of ammunition, but will accept the longer 15 round magazine as well.


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Written by Nicholas