HK P2000 (10/19)

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The HK P2000 was released in the year 2000 as an updated version of the USP Compact. The P2000 is basically the same gun as the USP Compact and accepts the same magazines, but it features different grip texturing and backstraps on the rear of the frame to accommodate different hand sizes. Along with the Walther P99, the P2000 was one of the first pistols ever made to have this feature.

The P2000 also introduced features that would be adopted by HK to the later P30 pistol. These include the fact that the P2000 has a decocker lever on the rear of the slide and does not have a safety. The lack of the thumb safety technically reduces the overall width of the gun to make it slightly easier to conceal. Some users will also appreciate the lack of a manual safety as it makes the pistol more simple to operate. 

The subcompact version of the P2000 is called the P2000SK. It accepts a 10 round magazine, but will also accept the longer 13 round magazine of the P2000 full size as well. 


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