HK G3 (6/14)

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The HK G3, often sold to American shooters today in the form of clones like the PTR-91, CETME, and Century Arms C308 rifles, was designed as a battle rifle in the 1950s and became known as one of the Big Three battle rifles along the FN FAL and the M14. It became the standard issue service rifle of the German Army until it was replaced by the HK G36 and HK 416 rifles, and was also issued as the main rifle to many other countries as well. The manual of arms of the HK G3 is very similar to that of the HK MP5 – indeed, the MP5 is essentially a cut down G3 designed to fire pistol caliber rounds like the 9mm. The G3 comes standard with a 20 round magazine and fires the .308 Winchester round (or the 7.62x51mm).


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