Hammer of Dawn (Gears of War series) (5/14)

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The Hammer of Dawn from Gears of War might be the most powerful gun on this list, if only due to the incredible level of destruction it affords the user. It doesn’t fire bullets or explosives, but rather directs a satellite-laser by painting the target with a beacon. Players can only use the weapon outdoors and with clear sight of the sky, which limits its use in both multiplayer and campaign levels. However, once the skies open with a red burst from the Hammer of Dawn, you can be sure that death is to follow.

Firing the Hammer of Dawn takes a few seconds, so players have to ensure that they properly time their attack to avoid an early grave. Otherwise, the Hamer of Dawn can sweep across levels, instantly destroying any enemy it comes in contact with. If enemy players are lined up right, you can easily delete an entire team at once. Be careful though, as straying too close to the Hammer of Dawn laser will be your downfall, as the laser does not discriminate in its destruction.


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