Half-Life 2 (2004) (1/16)

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The Half-Life franchise has always been the FPS series to break new boundaries, whether through unconventional storytelling or interesting mechanics. In addition to continuing an epic story involving parallel dimensions, alien invaders, and shadowy figures, Half-Life 2 also wowed players with its awesome new technology. Through fantastic graphics and excellent gameplay, this sequel has quickly become one of the most prolific games in the genre.

Apart from the expected visual upgrades that you would expect from a sequel, Half-Life 2 doubled down on giving players a visceral experience that was fast-paced and otherworldly. Many fans will fondly remember the Gravity Gun, which showed off the brand new physics introduced in the game. The game still contained an interesting mixture of gunplay, exploration, and survival, as the game was often challenging in the most rewarding kind of way.


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