Glock 19 (2/20)

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Glock handguns, from Austria, have been top performers in reliability and safety for decades. The Glock Model 19, chambers the ubiquitous, and affordable 9mm Parabellum round – the most available handgun cartridge in the World.  This sub-compact is a baby model of the popular Model 17 and It’s a practical firearm that is easy to use, no manual only passive safeties, and can be carried either on your hip or concealed, under your coat.

            Why did the Glock become so popular, so quickly in the United States? Crime in the US in the 1980s had become more violent with criminals utilizing newer generations of semi-automatic and fully automatic weapons to fend off police from their nefarious acts. American police had been fielding 38 caliber wheel guns for decades and were searching for a reliable and performance based weapon that had a larger round capacity and provided smoother shooting. Today many criminal justice departments claim that a majority (60 – 70%)  of their peace officers carry a Glock handgun as their primary sidearm . The Glock crazy spread from the law enforcement realm to civilian popularity due to its introduction by Bruce Willis in the second Die Hard movie with the actor making false claims that Glocks were porcelain and not detectable in airport X-ray machines. Nonetheless, Glocks, and especially the Model 19 grew in popularity not just in the US but around the world.  The Model 19 is a tried and true weapon that will continue to evolve as Glock move to its Generation 5 firearm designs and beyond.


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Written by Nicholas