Far Cry 3 (2012) (6/16)

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Far Cry has always been a series full of open-world gameplay and exciting action-hero moments, but it wasn’t until Far Cry 3 that the franchise really took off. Playing as a group of college kids who crash onto a tropical island during a vacation, players must fight back against local gangs and indigenous predatory animals. A great combination of exploration and open-ended gameplay makes this an unforgettable entry in the Far Cry franchise.

By doubling down on the narrative content and giving players a rich world to explore, Far Cry 3 had both quantity and quality. A fun crafting system made it easy to gain equipment and ammo by exploring your surroundings, encouraging you to verge off the beaten path. Most side-missions and open-world objectives could be completed with stealth or guns blazing, allowing for multiple play-styles. Regardless of how you play your FPS games, Far Cry 3 feels engrossing and enjoyable.


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