DOOM (1993) (1/14)

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When we reflect on the best online multiplayer shooters, it’s important to recognize the roots of the competitive scene. Although there’s some argument over what game truly popularized competitive “deathmatch” play, it’s hard to deny just how important DOOM‘s online multiplayer was. In fact, near the height of DOOM‘s popularity back in the early 90s, internet providers had trouble keeping up with the networkdemand from players.

In comparison to modern online shooters, DOOM might seem a bit tame. Players compete on a handful of maps, blasting each other with weapons from the single-player campaign. Gaining enemy kills is your highest priority, and with the incredibly quick pace of DOOM‘s gameplay, things get hectic quick. When you combine all the awesome guns included in the game with the breakneck pace of competition, online multiplayer in DOOM was destined to be a success.


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