Colt Single Action Army of 1873 (1/18)

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The Colt Single Action Army of 1873 served as the replacement for the 1860. It had a top strap to improve durability, and loaded spare cartridges in the side by opening up the loading gate. Also known as the Peacemaker, the 1873 SAA became one of the most common revolvers of the Old West and remains in production today.

The SAA served the United States military up until 1892. It was made in over thirty different calibers, including .45 Long Colt, .44-40, .32-20, .38-40, and .38 Long Colt. However, the .45 Long Colt version was by far the most common version and the one that saw military use. 

Today, the 1873 SAA remains popular due to the fact that it is very ergonomic and because of its association with the American West. It’s a timeless design that will never be forgotten. 


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Written by Nicholas