Bruteshot (10/20)

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The Bruteshot isn’t the best weapon in every scenario, but it’s ridiculously fun to use. In addition to being a grenade launcher that can flip enemy vehicles and splash damage enemies, it also has a giant blade on the underside for cutting down foes. You can unleash a barrage of six grenades, often displacing enemies and causing general chaos.

Despite its low damage when compared to other explosive weapons, the Bruteshot is very versatile. It’s capable of blowing up enemy vehicles with relative ease, can destroy groups of pesky enemies in mere seconds, and the blade makes melee attacks twice as powerful. While it might seem sluggish and weird to use at first, there’s a certain finesse to the Bruteshot that makes it more than just a grenade launcher with an edge.


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Written by Sgt. Gunner

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