Browning Auto 5 and Remington Model 11 (2/12)

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The Browning Auto Five is a semi-automatic shotgun that was designed by John Moses Browning. The Auto Five was designed by him in 1898, and he originally took the design to Winchester, who had also built his 1894 and 1895 lever action rifles.

However, Winchester was not interested in the Auto Five, so Browning took the designs to Winchester’s competitor Remington instead. Remington also was not interested, so Browning next took it to a Belgian gun manufacturer called Fabrique National, or today popularly known as FN. FN was actually interested and built the gun under the Browning name.

After the success of the Auto Five, Remington realized their mistake in failing to build the weapon and contacted Browning again. The Auto Five was then rebranded as the Model 11, and it became the first semi-automatic shotgun made in America. Today, the Auto Five and Model 11 alike are considered to be among the very best semi-automatic shotguns ever made.

The Auto Five is known for kicking very hard, and this in conjunction with its appearance is why it is commonly called the Humpback. That being said, the Auto Five is also quick to get on target and shoulders very easily. The receiver is very broad and provides shooters with an immediate sighting plane. Later, Browning referred to the A5 as his finest achievement and the best gun he ever made.


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