Borderlands 2 (2012) (5/16)

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Borderlands 2 looked in the face of the gritty and realistic trend of the FPS genre and instead leaned into being more humorous and visually eccentric. Combining the FPS and RPG genres into one chaotic beast, the Borderlands series has always been unique. However, Borderlands 2 took that aspect of innovation and polished it to a shine, then flooded the experience with more unique guns than you could count.

Between the insane amount of weapons, hilarious missions, and unforgettable characters, there’s a lot to love about Borderlands 2. The guns are as inventive as they are plentiful; you’ll find guns that shoot dozens of bullets, fully-automatic rocket launchers, and much more. The game was crafted as a cooperative experience for four players, providing the game with tons of replayability. Whether you were playing online or locally with pals, or simply soloing through on your own rampage, Borderlands 2 provided a significant amount of mayhem and hilarity that we won’t soon forget.


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