Bioshock (2007) (2/16)

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Bioshock fused the horror and FPS genres to deliver a narrative experience unlike anything else in the 2000s. This single-player game put players in the shoes of Jack, a man who descends into an underwater city known as Rapture. There, he uncovers a variety of macabre mysteries, as the city is overflowing with ravenous citizens and psychotic villains.

Beyond its fantastic story and riveting atmosphere, Bioshock is fondly remembered for its variety in gunplay and pacing. In addition to the expected pistols, shotguns, and assault rifles, players could fill out their arsenal with a variety of superpowers. You could shoot flames out of your hands, use telekinesis, freeze enemies in place, and so much more. Even to this day, Bioshock is considered one of the greatest shooters ever made, thanks to its refreshing gameplay and engrossing narrative.


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