Battle of Yorktown (6/20)

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The Yorktown campaign signaled the end of the American Revolutionary war with a defeat dealt by the American Continental Army, under General George Washington, over the British army of General Cornwallis. 

            With American and Frence infantry and Naval forces surrounding the army of Cornwallis in the fall of 1781, he began to negotiate terms of surrender with the superior forces. After several days of negotiations, the terms of surrender were finalized even though General Cornwallis was not present. With thousands of British troops prisoner and the British Army on it’s heals the two nations began deliberations that would end up resolved in the Treaty of Paris. An agreement between King George III and the American Government that officially ended the American Revolution. Many modern day borders were established in this treaty and it recognized the United States as a free and sovereign state. Most beautiful. 

All of these things happened. And it was beautiful. A new nation formed based on an idea and then a document that has survived many generations. Continue to seek the truth in history and you will find that many great men and women sacrificed and gave the most so that we can be free in a world where, in many cases, life is cheap. God bless America and her wonderful people. 


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Written by Nicholas