Battle of King’s Mountain (8/20)

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During the fall of 1780, Southern American Patriots delivered a blow to those still loyal to the crown – the Tories, also known as Loyalists. The battle turned out to be the largest American on American battle during the war. 

            The Patriotic Americans used the element of surprise to engage the Loyalist effort to surround and meet up with the Army of General Cornwallis. Patriot militiamen had the upper hand on the retreating Loyalist army and even killed their leader, British Major Patrick Ferguson. General Cornwallis had planned on  joining up with the Loyalists in the South and North from South Carolina for the British but the plans and victories of the Patriots dismissed any chances that these areas would fall to the tyrants. The British and their allies were over-extended and could not sustain a war in the American frontier.


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Written by Nicholas