Battle of Charleston (5/20)

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Historians consider this action is the Southern Colonies as a minor action in the Revolutionary War, however, the denial of a major American port by a small force of brave Patriots had lasting effects on the confidence and support for independence on the people of the South.


General Charles Lee and Colonel William Moultrie, turned their 1,175 men and 26 cannons into a force to be reckoned with as they defended the port city of Charleston, South Carolina. The British commander and his far superior forces of 2,900 men, 262 guns and 20 ships attempted a siege of the port city on June 28th, 1776. The goal was to capture a major port city in the southern colonies from which bases could be established to conduct inland raids and attacks.  The siege was foiled by the outnumbered American Patriot force as they fired volleys of cannon fire at the British ships attempting to enter the harbor. Overwhelmed by the cannonfire, the British fleet turned tail and sailed North. The attempt to capture Charleston had failed. Several days later the South Carolina delegation to the Continental Congress votes “yes” for independence.


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Written by Nicholas