Battle of Berlin (2/9)

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The Battle of Berlin was the final battle on the Eastern Front in World War 2. The Soviet forces advanced to only a few miles short of Berlin, where the front lines stabilized. By now, the Germans were in a desperate situation. They had used up the last of their reserves, most of the men in their armies were either very young or old, and they were down to the last of their tanks, artillery, and ammunition.

When the battle commenced in mid-April, around 2.5 million Soviet soldiers and 6,000 tanks swarmed forward against 750,000 German soldiers and 1,500 tanks and armored vehicles. The Germans held strong at Seelow Heights, where they held the high ground, for several days but were eventually pushed back into the city.

The Soviets then surrounded the city and attacked it from all sides. Some of the most brutal hand-to-hand combat since Stalingrad took place in the ruins, but the Soviet advanced was relentless. Hitler desperately ordered counterattacks in an attempt to save the city, but these never materialized because the units he wanted to attack existed only on paper.

Finally, Hitler committed suicide on April 30th, and a few days later the German garrison surrendered. The Germans suffered around 100,000 dead and 220,000 wounded. The Soviets suffered 81,000 dead and 280,000 wounded.


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Written by Nicholas