Springfield M1A .308 (6/16)

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Another great .308 rifle to consider is the Springfield M1A, which is available in three different primary variants with 18.5, 20, and 22 inch barrel lengths and with magazine capacities ranging from 5-20 rounds. An argument can be made that a semi-automatic .308 is the most practical rifle that one can own, since the .308 round can be used for hunting big game animals in North America and the semi-automatic functionality is also great for more tactical uses as well.

The M1A is a highly reliable and accurate rifle that is a development of the earlier M1 Garand, which proved itself on the battlefields of World War II. The M1A is virtually the same thing as an M1 Garand, only with a shorter gas tube and a detachable box magazine. The M14, the military version of the M1A, is used as a marksman’s rifle by the military. 

It is a long and heavy rifle to be sure, but it more than makes up for it thanks to its quality and the fact that it can effortlessly fulfill a wide variety of different purposes. 


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Written by Nicholas