Ruger Gunite Scout Rifle .308 (5/16)

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The Ruger Gunsite Scout rifle in .308 is marketed as the one rifle that can do everything. The Scout rifle concept was originally envisioned by firearms expert Jeff Cooper as the one rifle to have if you could only have one. Cooper envisioned a short carbine that fired .308 Winchester with a detachable box magazine and a tactical rail forward of the receiver for the forward mounting of scopes. Cooper argued that such a rifle could be used for both defense and for hunting.

The Ruger Gunsite Scout Rifle, or GSR, is one of the best such Scout rifles out there today. That’s because it is built on the very rugged and durable Model 77 system like is used with the Hawkeye rifles, and as with the M77 it has a Mauser-like controlled feed action with a claw extractor. As with most Ruger guns, the M77 is built like a tank and can sustain a lot of abuse and continue to run.

The GSR will be a highly versatile rifle, capable of both hunting and defense at home. As a short and lightweight rifles that fires a popular and hard hitting round, it is highly practical.


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Written by Nicholas