Winchester 1897 (5/12)

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The Winchester Model 1897 was an improvement over the previous Browning Model 1897, and it remained in continuous production from 1912 to 1957  with over one million units sold. The 1897 was for many years considered to be the best pump action shotgun made and it received competition from shotguns from numerous other manufacturers.

Available in all major gauges, the Model 1897 was used to devastating effect by American soldiers in World War I, where it was used to clear trenches of German soldiers at close range. On the civilian market, it was used by hunters and skeet shooters for many years as well.

The Model 1897 is noted for its hand fitted parts, barrels that can be easily interchanged, and a beautiful walnut stock. It also features an exposed hammer that meant the weapon could be cocked and uncocked as the user desired. It only ended production once the Mossberg 500 and Remington 870 shotguns took to the market and began selling in high volumes.


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Written by Nicholas