Ruger Redhawk .44 Magnum and .45 Long Colt (6/11)

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The Ruger Redhawk is to .44 Magnum revolvers as the GP100 is to .357 Magnums. This revolver is built specifically by Ruger to handle extra stress, and has a longer cylinder than most other .44 Magnums on the market so it can be hand loaded to specific cartridges as the user so desires. In addition to .44 Magnums, certain versions of the Redhawk can also chamber and shoot the .45 Long Colt round. 

This does not exist with all Redhawk revolvers and it’s your responsibility to confirm that your specific gun can. The Redhawk is certainly very heavy, but it’s also very tough. As with the GP100, it has extra metal built into the cylinder and frame so it can handle full power .44 Magnum rounds without a fuss. 


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Written by Nicholas